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Undead Nightmare : A Zombie Apocalypse Series : Book 1 by Richard Dietz


(This is Book #1 of 8 in the series. Check out all 8, available individually or as a complete set as “Undead Nightmare : The Complete Journey”)

(Book #1 : Zombie apocalypse series of books)

The dead have risen. Welcome to Hell !

Something is not right in the rural town of Billings. On a peaceful morning, on a quiet street, Bob reads a newspaper on his living room sofa. With his back to the window, he feels the pleasant breeze caress the back of his neck.


TAP! TAP! TAP! A strange man is standing in the flower bed staring into the living room behind Bob and tapping incessantly on the window pane. This is awkward and weird to say the least. What does the man want? Does Bob really want to know? Bob will soon find out and he’s not going to like it one bit.

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Genre: Horror