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Viktor by Apryl Baker


Viktor Kincaid is a man on a mission. He served his country in the Marines, and now he protects the threatened and vulnerable from harm as part of Kincaid Security and Investigations. When his brother asks for his help protecting a friend from her violent soon to be ex-husband, he jumps into action. No man has the right to lay his hands on a woman or child. Sara Riley is not what he expected. She’s full of fire and passion, and she not only intrigues him, she could be exactly what’s he always been looking for. Sara is ready to fight tooth and nail for herself and her young daughter. Escaping an abusive marriage is full of hidden dangers, but even with her ex violating the restraining order, Sara might be down, but she’s far from out. I don’t want to be your rebound guy. I want to be your forever guy. Viktor’s unexpected words scare her, but he’s slowly winning her over…and her baby girl. But can she let go of her own fears, or will her ex ruin everything before she can even try at a happily ever after?

***Author’s Note***
Here is the reading order of the books:
Touch Me Not
The Sinner’s Touch
The Healing Touch
Kade (KSI 1)
Viktor (KSI 2)
Forever Your Touch
Mason (KSI 3)
Jasper (KSI 4)
Max (KSI 5)
Gabe (KSI 6)
Sheridan (KSI 7)