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What a Courtesan Craves by Merry Farmer


Ten years ago, they destroyed each other’s lives. Now they have to work together in order to find redemption…

Since the scandal that caused him to lose his position and his life as he knew it, William Creighton has been forced to survive by renting himself out as a courtesan in London high society. Billy has dreams of escaping that life and setting up a respectable shop, but those dreams hang by a thread when he ends up thrown together with the man who caused his traumatic fall from grace all those years ago, Lord Ashton Cockburn.

The fire still burns between them…in more ways than one…

The last taste of freedom Ash had before his world became closed in and closeted by his family and society was that wild night of abandon with Billy and George. Now, he feels like a slave to duty…and it is all Billy’s fault. And now the two of them must join forces to complete a ridiculous quest set by George in his will?

It will never work.

But as Billy and Ash set out on their quest, long-held secrets are yanked out into the light. And when the fate of Ash’s beloved sister, Suzanne, ends up at the center of the quest, the two enemies must put aside their differences to bring her the justice she deserves. In the process, they prove there is a fine line between hate and love.

What a Courtesan Craves is an enemies-to-lovers story that involves fighting that turns into something else beginning with an F, successful and unsuccessful deals with some really bad men, a duel that doesn’t turn out well, an enemy to the rescue, a real villain, and so, so many secrets being brought to light to cause changes of heart.

Please Be Advised: Steam Level – Pretty darn hot! This is not your grandma’s Regency Romance!

The Brotherhood: Origins series consists of:


Genre: Romance