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WISH ME LUCK: A Story About Second Chances by Gayle De Blake


What would you do if you could relive the past 20 years of your life?
Four lifelong friends have an incredible opportunity to do so, which takes them back to 1999 and their college years.
Lissa Benton and Kate Sturn are college buddies and best friends. To celebrate their 40th birthdays, they plan a trip to Malta with their spouses, Todd and David.
While there, they stumble upon an intriguing prospect that could change their lives forever. They enter this thrilling re-do, knowing all of what happened the first time around.
As they consider and re-evaluate their choices, they soon learn the future is more uncertain than they ever imagined…
Nostalgic readers will get a kick out of the frequent nineties references in this light-hearted Eat Pray Love meets About Time drama.

Genre: Romance Women's Fiction
Deal End Date: 2023-10-28