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Wrath of the Lone Rider by Henry McConley


Deep in the heart of an untamed frontier, Ezra Fielding, once a celebrated bounty hunter, craves more than just thrill-chasing exploits. When he sets his sights on the lovely Penny, he abandons his perilous past and uses his poker winnings and hard-earned fees to secure a ranch house nestled in the wilderness. Just as the dust settles though, something is about to shake up their newfound haven…

What mysterious forces conspire to turn their sanctuary into a battleground of darkness and danger?

As the town enjoys the peacefulness of Ezra’s choice, a storm looms on the horizon. The accidental death of Peter Winters, a powerful bureaucrat’s heir, becomes a turning point in their lives. Blinded by grief, Peter’s father blames Ezra and the entire town for the tragedy that befell his son. Suspicion grows that he’s involved in destroying nearby ranches and farms while enjoying his position of power…

Can Ezra and his comrades stand strong against all that threatens to consume their beloved land?

United by a common purpose, Ezra, Penny, and their loyal companions devise a plan to reclaim their town. Each passing day intensifies the flames of their struggle… Will they uncover the hidden truth behind this mystery and put an end to the destruction?

“Wrath of the Lone Rider” is a historical adventure novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

Genre: Romance
#Historical #Western